Since everyone else, including The Vault, is mentioning this, here I go rebloggin’. As I said on the video comments proper, I’ll reserve judgment on this until it’s out.

Saw the trailer yesterday, and it very much LOOKS like it’s got the Mad Max feel and vibe to it.  If it also has a story, I’ll be a very happy pony.


I should put an Easter Egg in my mod..

Recipe: [Scrap Metal] x 25 ~ Location: Any Cave

Result: Power Armor

Also, I can’t believe that scientist that the Dude yells at is freakin’ Ralphie from A Christmas Story!

Only if the second you activate it, the suit launches you 500 feet into the air, subsequently impacting so hard you have to abandon the suit stuck in the ground where it is. Face it, for 25 scrap? We’d ALL do that. -:D

New Pegas: Chapter 21a

Well, not terribly happy with it, and it’s short… about half the chapter I’d originally planned on.  So this is 21a: “Ace of Clubs”.  Pretty heavy on the exposition, really, with more to come.

We’re a plague, baby.

We’re a plague, baby.


Anonymous asked: Do you ever having to plug Pink-3 in to charge her, if so what happens if she get an over charge? Does she acts like a filly who drank one to many bottles of sparkle cola and is now on a sugar buzz.

According to her, Pink-E eats actual food and junk lying around (with a special emphasis on junk food), breaking it down into its component minerals, lipids and so forth.

If she CAN overcharge, I’ve never seen it and don’t want to… she’s enough of a spaz on her “normal” settings.


steelpaladin asked: Cherry are you there are you alive? Your life signature is failing!

Getting Back in the Saddle: New Pegas

This has languished long enough.  I’m going to try and finish/polish/publish Chapter 21 today.  

Once again, I am extremely sorry to all who follow this fic for taking so long… I am very easy to distract, unfortunately, and since February I’ve been getting medication for panic attacks (Zoloft, Hydroxyzine Pamoate).  I never had them before February, but since then they’ve nearly crippled me at my normal workplace, which is technical support, and they actually got worse once I started medication.  The VA (yes, my health care provider is the Phoenix Veteran’s Administration) has recently said that these two meds were essentially a guess, that they may indeed have made my attacks more frequent, and that they will be switching me to something else immediately.

Meanwhile, I am off the medication and feeling much better.  Let’s DO this!


(Sorry the image is really massive, please click for full view)

Cameo appearance (In order)

(gunners): wolfee-kun, ask-timelord-rarity, oldbottleofwhiskey, jizzfrosti, themodestveteran, ask-king-sombra (mystery guest 1), and askcherrypie (Mystery guest 2)

Yeah, I’ve done some merc work up Ponave way.  The bounty-hunting business was slow that month…




fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try

((I don’t even know anymore…))

It’s Fox ‘News’. Their shit is always deplorable. The fact that they have the audacity to call it news when it’s not the least bit objective is, by itself, an insult to actual news networks.


You’re looking at a COMMENTARY program.  Commentary is part of “opinion and editorial”, same as you find in any newspaper or on any news network.  They’re not reporting the news, they’re commenting on it.  Which has been going on as long as there have been news outlets.

It’s still a tasteless joke, but I’m so tired of people confusing “News” with “Opinions about News”.  We have enough problems with actual reporters —- at every network —- trying to insert their opinions into the news before it even gets to the talk shows.

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