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OOC: Fan Politics and the Art of Not Being a Moron

Feel like losing a good five to ten Faith Points in Humanity?

Do a search, right here in Tumblr, on “Ken Penders”.  Please put away all sleeping pills and sharp implements beforehand.

Yesterday, I’d never heard of the guy.  If you’re not a rock-core member of Sonic the Hedgehog fandom, you probably haven’t either.  Who is he?  A former long-time comic creator for the Archie Comics line, licensed by Sega as support for the Saturday Morning cartoon show.

Penders’ work was so good, much of the Sonic fandom revolves around concepts, situations and characters he —- not Archie, not Sega —- came up with.

FIRST PROBLEM: Archie had never signed Penders to a work-for-hire contract.  Everything original he came up with, he owned as a matter of US copyright law —- something Archie clearly had no idea about, because after they let him go, he formally filed with the US Copyright Office regarding what he legally owned.

Like most corporations would in the same situation, Archie Comics flipped the fuck out and sued.

SECOND PROBLEM: Archie forgot that when you go to court, your word isn’t good enough.  If you wanna claim you signed a guy to a contract which automatically gave your company all rights to everything he created while employed, you need to actually have a contract you can show.

They didn’t.  So the judge said he was going to throw out their lawsuit.

They stalled, saying they wanted to settle with Penders but that Sega was tying their hands.  Judge said, I have had enough of your shit, get your act together or out you go.

So Archie and Sega settled with Penders.  One of the terms included Penders getting approval authority on use of one of his characters, if either company wanted to use her in a future product.

IMPORTANT PLOT POINT: None of this prevented Archie or Sega from ever using these characters —- they just had to coordinate with the owner.  At a minimum, they could have worked up a licensing agreement of some kind.  Which would have been, you know, sensible.

Nope!  Can’t have that!

Archie and Sega retconned all of Penders’ original material so they would never have to deal with him again.  This, for all intents and purposes, destroyed the franchise as its fan base knew it.


I’m writing this because I’m annoyed.  If you’re not, that’s fine, don’t mind me, I’m just venting.

Not about Penders, or Archie, or Sega, though.  Their problems are between them.  No, I’m annoyed by the Sonic FANDOM… at least, that part of it I’ve been able to see which has any opinion whatsoever on Penders.

Because they’re being hateful, obsessive, petulant morons about it.

Do they blame Archie for retconning the property?  Hell no, they know Archie doesn’t care what they think to begin with, and they want someone to hurt.  Archie burned down the House of Sonic —- they piled up the rags, poured the gas, and lit the match —- because they didn’t like the idea of having to say “please and thank you” to a guy whose control over the house amounted to opening and closing a side door.

The guy who stood up for his civil rights against a multibillion-dollar corporation, one which already has a reputation in the comic industry for bilking its creative talent and then getting burned when said talent stands up for itself (see: DeCarlos), HE’S THE VILLAIN.

Get this straight, Sonicos: Pender won his court case because Archie done fucked up.  Archie itself wasn’t even damaged by this, but like most corporations they never learned to share.


But I think the one thing that finally got me to sit down and write this?  Was seeing Penders raked over the coals for shit he did when he was still working on the comic, which nobody cared about at the time.  Like repurposing a famous poem about not standing up for someone else because you’re different from that person.

No one pitched a fit when it was used in a Sonic comic.  Nobody railed about how it demeaned the Holocaust and showed Penders to be a closet anti-Semite.  Nope, not a peep —- until someone needed to go find a reason to ramp up their hate for Penders being declared in court settlement to own the backstory for goddamned anthropomorphic echidnas.

If you really feel like your entire fandom’s been destroyed by its creative talent being recognized as the owners of what they created…

…well.  I could end with some suggestion on how or why you should kill yourself, but… then I’d be you.

No thanks.



Внезапнорисунок к годовщине русскоговорящей пони-группы http://russian-mlp-artclub.deviantart.com/ на тему её основания.

Это победа, ящитаю ХDD

"We are sorry, most revered warrior, but your Crusades are in another castle."



Внезапнорисунок к годовщине русскоговорящей пони-группы http://russian-mlp-artclub.deviantart.com/ на тему её основания.

Это победа, ящитаю ХDD

"We are sorry, most revered warrior, but your Crusades are in another castle."


"When doing Wasteland 2 research earlier this year, decided to circle some of my favorite locations in Wasteland 1: Notably Quartz." - Wasteland 2 Designer Chris Avellone

OOC: Welcome to my backyard, baby.


The happiest place in Equestria!

I always wondered what happened with that place.  Supposedly it’s the most irradiated section of The Boneyard, suggesting the zebras made it their primary target for some reason.

Maybe “It’s a Zebra, After All” really WAS kinda racist…?

EDIT: I wasn’t gonna mention, but Pink-E insists I note for folks outside the New Coltifornia Republic that “The Navigator” remains an inexplicably popular dance.

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Might have missed a couple of days’ mail.

A blog that still exists! Amazingly.

And what in Tartarus is a “blog”, anyways?  Sounds like something a colt would come up with to describe the crud that sticks to the bottom of your hoof after walking through a Brahmin settlement.

I swear, I had nothing to do with that pink box…

(OOCEdit: And seriously, “Horshey’s”…. -XD )


pantheundying asked: You haven't really talked about biscuits in a long time. Im proud of you for breaking your biscuit addiction.




Frost: It’s not addiction. It’s favoritism.

Rig: Totally addiction.

Hmm, speaking of biscuits. Breakfast time! What’s your favorite food?

Frost: Biscuits. Obviously.

Rig: I kinda miss the pancakes we had back in Stable Three. Simple yet tasty, you know? Guess it’s in the same vein as biscuits for Frost.

Soraya: I think the closest thing I’ve ever had to a traditional breakfast item is heated canned bread. I suppose I’ll go with that.

Jalapeno flapjacks are a caravaneer’s traditional breakfast, out in the Moohave and most of New Coltifornia.  It’s amazing how often you can still scavenge flour, the batter doesn’t take a lot of water to mix up, and wild jalapenos are fairly common.

Milk from your pack brahmin works as both beverage, and a source of butter, if you’re any good at churning (guess what I did for a lot of the time I rode around in the wagon as a young colt?).  Trail coffee is an occasional treat too, though you’re usually best off not asking what rummage-rubbish was ground up to make it.

If you’re REALLY blessed by Luna, you’ll run across a trader who’s got something sweet to put on the flapjacks, like jars of prickly pear jam preserved in honey.


ask-the-wintertrot-rangers asked: Inkwell: So Tag-End opened up a casino in your place of rest and respite. Long term, this place sets you up with a steady flow of caps, and a growing sphere of influence Cherry. Which should grant you a certain amount of protection, but also unwanted attention. Be cautious my friend.

First and foremost, unwanted attention from my BOSS, who actually OWNS the place!  It’s not even the casino, just the nightclub, but still… *grumblegrumblegriznitch*